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This Notice of Privacy is made available to the Interested Party, in compliance with the stipulations established in Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Information in the Possession of Third Parties, as well as other applicable dispositions.

DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, is a company duly established in accordance with the laws of the Mexican Republic, with address located at Blvd. Sanchez Taboada, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Postal Code 22010, Tijuana, Baja California, and is the entity responsible for the treatment of the personal information of the interested party who grants his or her consent in this notice. DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS is committed to complying with all the principles of consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility with respect to the treatment of personal information and the rights to privacy and informational self-determination, and hereby accredits the following in this Notice of Privacy:

1) The Company will treat your personal information as confidential and will maintain preventive measures in place aimed at protecting your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration or destruction, will not share this information for any purpose that is not the one established in this Notice of Privacy. Your information will be treated as confidential and will be administered during the time that is necessary to achieve the objectives mentioned in this Notice of Privacy, which may be changed at any time to reflect changes in our information collection practices as well as in our practices for the use of this information and on security matters.

2) The personal information that will be treated by DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, including the collection, use, sharing or storage of said information by any means of access, handling, use, transfer or disposal, are those which you, in the role of interested party, have provided, or will provide, to DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, and those to which DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS has legitimate access to, for having been provided for the purposes indicated below.

Below we list some of the personal information which is referred to in this section; Name, Company, Address, Employment Contact Information, including telephone number, email address and others.

The list provided above must be understood to be for informational purposes only and by no means all-inclusive of the personal information that will be treated by DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, with the understanding that it involves personal information of the same nature.

3)DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, hereby informs you that the personal information of the Interested Party will be treated by DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS and/or its affiliated or subsidiary companies, in charge and acting on behalf of DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS and third parties other than the interested party, all of whom must comply with this Notice of Privacy.

4) By accessing this website and accepting this Notice of Privacy, You, in your role as the Interested Party, expressly grant your consent to DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS for the national and international transfer of your personal information, as long as the recipient of the information accepts and commits to the same obligations that have been assumed by DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS In addition, DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS agrees to transfer only that information that is necessary for achieving the objective with which this notice is issued.

5) We may also share your information, whenever a government authority or other government official responsible for ensuring compliance with the law should request, or reasonably require, that we provide said information; Whenever the law should require it or in response to some legal process; When it is reasonably necessary to do so in order to carry out an investigation of a legal nature.

6) DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS will establish and maintain administrative, technical and physical security measures that make it possible to protect the personal information against harm, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment. These measures will not be less than those which DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS has in place to protect its own information.

7) In accordance with the stipulations established in the Law on the Protection of Personal Information, you are entitled to exercise, at any time, your rights to access, correct, cancel and object to (hereinafter, the “ARCO rights”) your information, by means of a written request addressed to:, who may in turn, request you to provide documentation that accredits corrections to the personal information in the event that you should request its correction; this is for your protection and benefit. You may also request that your personal information which is held in possession of DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, be deleted. Furthermore, you may also limit the use and distribution of your personal information by sending a written request to the Company. However, despite the aforementioned, it is possible that the Company is obligated, in accordance with the legislation currently in effect, to keep some or all of your personal information. It is important that the changes that you intend to make to your personal information be correct, and those pieces of information which the Company is legally obligated to keep will not be deleted.

DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS will notify the Interested Party to be counted as of the date on which the request for access, correction, deletion or objection was received, regarding the decision that was made, so that it can become effective within the following days. time periods may be extended by an equal time period when, in the opinion of DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, the circumstances of the case so warrant.

DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS may deny access to the personal information, or it may deny the request for correction, deletion or objection of said information, when the requesting party is not the Interested Party or a Legal Representative who is duly authorized to do so; when the personal information of the Interested Party cannot be found within its data base; when the rights of a third party may be violated by granting such a request; when there is a legal impediment or a resolution issued by a competent authority which restricts access to the personal information or which does permit its correction, cancellation or objection; and when the correction, deletion or objection has already been made.

8) The consent for the treatment of the personal information may be revoked by sending a written notice, which the Interested Party must submit in writing, addressed to the email address indicated at the beginning of this notice of privacy, and which must include the reasons for which the consent is being revoked.

By providing us with your information, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the collection and subsequent transfer of your personal information by DELECTUS OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS as is indicated in this Notice of Privacy.

The Company reserves the right to make corrections or updates to this Notice of Privacy at any time, in order to comply with any changes or amendments in the legislation or jurisprudence, to respond to changes in its internal policies or to new requirements for the provision or offering of our services and products, or to market practices.

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